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Santorini Highlights & Wine
    As one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Greek islands, Santorini has an ideal summer climate, impressive history, beautiful architecture and a wide range of highlights to wow everyone both young and old. Visitors can choose accommodation in several different towns and villages, depending on their preference of environment but the whole island should be explored slowly and at your leisure. This can be done by either hiring a car or joining a guided tour.

Highlights of Santorini

Kamari is a small village well known for its beaches and variety of water sports. With a relaxed atmosphere, it is worth visiting for the day if you stay in other towns. Do not forget to sit in a typical Greek tavern, and taste local regional cuisine. Oia is famous for a number of reasons but mainly because its sunset views are known as being one of the best in the world. It is a popular destination with cruise ship passengers and the typical local transport of donkeys amuses most. Tourists are a common sight in Perissa, and the nearby ancient town of Messa vuna comes highly recommended. Still in the process of being excavated it is over 3000 years old but be aware that the walk to it is not for the faint hearted or anyone with walking difficulties. The Archaeological Site of Akrotiri is on the southwest coast and considered one of the earliest examples of human settlement in the world. Guided tours are available but remember that excavations are on-going and it is estimated that roughly 10% of the town has been uncovered.

Sampling the wine of Santorini

The island is renowned for its local cuisine but even more so, the vast array of delectable wines. The ideal climate combined with knowledge garnered from many generations has produced some excellent white, red, and rose varieties that have received excellent reviews from most wine critics. One enjoyable excursion is to explore local wineries dotted all over the island including Volkan, Santo and Argiros estates. See the wine vaults and join in the group tasting tours. At the end, buy some excellent Santorini wine to take home as souvenirs. Alternatively, the wine museum is located near the small village of Messiria. Also, try tasting Visanto that is a brand of wine produced by locals since ancient times.

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Greece
   Ancient Greece had a huge significance on art, cultural, education, religious and philosophical terminology that we see today. As the land of scholars, great sportsman, creative artists, and forward thinking philosophers, its history combined with stunning landscape, diverse culture and delicious cuisine has propelled it to become one of the worlds most visited touristic places. The Mediterranean climate provides ideal traveling conditions and cool summer evenings are spent sipping traditional wine in the land of some of history’s most profilic people. Made up of the mainland and many small islands, there is an abundance of places to choose from if you are looking for a summer holiday destination.

Eight Places to visit in Greece
A good place to start your tour is in Patmos, the sacred location where Saint John the Evangelist wrote his revelations in the cave of apocalypse. As one of the Dodecanese islands, two of its landmarks belong to the UNESCO World Heritage list.
    Rhodes is the best-known Greek island and there is no surprise why. Long sandy beaches, pine tree forests and historical sites attract many, including daytime ferry visitors from Turkey. Home of the sun god Apollo, the Street of the Knights and the old town are must see places.
   Crete is another popular destination thanks to its diversity of landscapes and cultural influences that are evident in everyday life. As the largest of the Greek islands, it manages to accommodate every type of traveller from the budget to the luxurious. The cobbled streets and white washed houses tumbling down the mountainside of Santorini are picturesque. The region has a few villages but the most popular is Fira, traditionally reached by the unusual transport methods of cable car or donkey.
   Athens definitely has to be on the agenda for any visit to Greece. Known as the cradle of western civilization, it was also the birthplace of democracy. Some must see attractions include the Parthenon, acropolis, temple of Poseidon, and the national archaeological museum.
   Olympia was the birthplace of the Olympic sports, first held to honour Zeus, the god of men. The sanctuary of Zeus as well as the ancient stadium and museum lure thousands of visitors yearly. Once regarded as the centre of the Earth, the ruins of Delphi are an old sanctuary and oracle of classical Greece. The abundance of ruins including the temple of Apollo, theatre, gymnasium, stadium, and hippodrome, all ensure a full day is needed to explore the historical site properly.
   Meteora, also known as Kalambaka defies belief. Its name means, “suspended” and this refers to high cliffs overlooking small villages in the valley. 14th and 16th monasteries with exceptional Byzantine art were built on the cliffs. This place will particularly impress spiritually inclined people because the monks built the monasteries to reflect on the divine and inner self.

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All of these places can be seen on our travel package tours that include a guide, accommodation, and transport. Alternatively, organize your own itinerary by using our Greece Trip Planner.

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Honeymoon in Greece
We offer various specially designed and meticulously planned Greece honeymoon programs. Our Greece specialists are ready to help you for your transfer and hotel arrangements. You can also check our wonderful Honeymoon Packages specially designed for the couples who are looking for their dream honeymoon vacation. It is also possible to have a Greece wedding virtually any location, anywhere in Greece. Outdoor weddings, beach weddings, Church weddings & other religious weddings are all available. In Santorini, for instance, you can’t find a setting more romantic then on the rim of a volcano with the sea 1000 feet below. It is custom, though optional, for weddings in Greece to take place at sunset because of the heat of summer plus after a sunset ceremony you can go directly to the reception of eating, drinking & dancing! Here you can find our Romantic Hotel list Katikies Hotel - SANTORINI Oia Santorini Island, Greece T: +30 286 71401. 14 rooms Surreal fantasy layout complimenting the magical village of Oia. A luxurious contemporary take on the island's ancient cliff dwellings. Kivotos - MYKONOS Ornos Bay Mykonos Island, Greece T: +30 289 24094. 24 rooms; This Greek romantic hotel has a soothing Zen quality. S. Nikolis Hotel - RHODES Rhodes Island, Greece T: +30 241-34561. 10 rooms, A tiny and romantic hotel built around a courtyard in the heart of Old Town.
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Dining in Athens
Fortunately, for those on a budget, there are many bakers in Athens, all selling delicious and cheap savoury snacks. You can choose to grab a snack from one of these places for one of your meals each day, and enjoy the cheese pastry made with feta, the sausage roll, made from traditional spicy kebab meat, the spinach and feta tart, and small pizza breads. It’s not difficult to enjoy your snack on the hoof, and it saves a fortune over a few days. When you do go for the splurge and eat at a restaurant, it’s important to factor in paying a couple of Euro extra for the bowl of crusty bread and water served at each table as standard. On the plus side, tipping isn’t necessarily expected in Athens, and so you do not need to go overboard with leaving the obligatory 10% tip. As you have a considerable amount of bread, you can get by with ordering something like a simple Greek Salad, or a plate of calamari for a filling meal. If you do order a main course, it is worth checking what the meal comes with; some restaurants provide chips, rice or salad (or a combination) with the main course, others will just serve a meal of meat and sauce. Of course, in those situations, that bread can come in handy, so don’t eat it all while you are waiting for your meal to arrive. What about drink? Look out for places that serve house wine by the half litre or litre. These are wines purchased direct from a local farmer, and stored in a large barrel rather than a separate bottle. The wines are of variable quality, and it’s a very bad sign when your red wine arrives chilled! However, even the best Greek wine isn’t particularly special, so is it worth paying out extra for what can only ever be an average wine? Beer is expensive in Athens, and you can see some prices north of 4.50 Euros for a small bottle in the nicer bars. Obviously, the local beer tends to be cheaper – there is the slightly strong tasting Mythos and the softer and subtler Alpha generally to chose from. Look for restaurants serving large 500 cl size bottles, as these are better value. If you like Ouzo, this can be also a good choice. Many restaurants serve Ouzo in 20cl bottles, which equates to approximately nine units of alcohol – a handy amount for 2 or 3 diners. This will work out cheaper than a couple of beers will. Your Ouzo will arrive with a bowl of ice cubes and water. Pop the ice cubes into your glass, pour over the Ouzo and watch the clear liquid become cloudy. Add water to get your preferred strength. Ouzo has a strong aniseed taste, so most Greeks dilute their drink quite heavily.
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Winter Time in Greece
 The winter months are a wonderful time to visit Athens and mainland Greece. There is so much things to see and enjoy in Athens. Museums, Parks and cultural areas are all include the heritage of classical era. Although there are modern shopping malls, bars clubs but don’t miss to try the Greek cuisine in the numerous restaurants in Athens. Do not miss a walk into the old town of Athens, the “Plaka”. Plaka is the most popular neighbourhood of Athens, with narrow labyrinthine streets nestle into the north - eastern slope of the Acropolis, picturesque churches and old mansions. In addition to the Athens sightseeing tour, you can choose to participate in a one day cruise excursions to the nearby islands of Hydra, Aegean and Poros, a full day tour to Mycenae and Epidaurus, or an afternoon visit to Sounion, dominated by the spectacular Temple of Poseidon. You will be amazed by the beauty and history found at the towns and ancient sites visited on the Two-Day tour to Meteora.
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Discovering Greece
Over the last few years we have added well organized tours to our travel programs which have always been traditionally based only on individual and tailor made travel. Ask us to customize any GreeceTourSpecialist tour departure to the schedule and interest of you. We offer various cruises around the Greek Islands and island hopping tours whereby you can fit in more trips than a one week package holiday can offer. Plan your vacation in Greece and discover its rich and diverse cultures. It's a great place to make friends and since English is spoken as a second language almost everywhere you won't encounter insurmountable language barriers. Just keep in mind that if you're coming from a different part of the world you'll need to convert your currency to Euros.  You can't afford to miss Greece's breathtaking natural landscapes, awe-inspiring landmarks and ancient monuments. Learn about all the places you could visit right here and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable vacation!
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10 Reasons to Visit Greece
This is our top 10 list for adding Greece to your vacation plan.

Greek History, Archaeology and Mythology

With its more than 5000 year-old background, Greece is an amazing country for history lovers. Why not to visit world-famous archaeological sites, hear the stories of Zeus, Hera, Hercules, Aphrodite and many more?

Exotic Weather

From early April to the end of October is the best time to visit Greece , when temperatures are higher, excellent times almost everywhere but particularly in the islands.

Greek Islands and Beaches

Greece has around 6000 islands although 227 inhabited so you can be sure one of them will appeal to you. Mykonos is the paradise of nightlife and entertainment, Santorini is the capital of romance, white sand beaches, red sand beaches or even black sand beaches can be seen in Greek Islands. You can enjoy ferry ride or sail along the islands but an amazing holiday is guaranteed.

Amazing Hotels

All fashion lovers should visit Greece once in their life. It will change your life style with amazing nature, wonderful sceneries and beautifully designed hotels. From budget to luxury Greece has wonderful offers for you to taste stylish or simple hotel accommodation which will make your holiday memorable.

Greek People and Culture

Greeks are proud of their culture, history and food and pleased that their ancestors have contributed so much to the Western World. Greek Music, Art, dance and mightlife will most probably amaze you and you will not back home without a Greek Tavern experience. So remember this word can be very useful “ Gia Mas!”

Religion and Pilgrimages

Greece was an important destination during the missionary journeys of St Paul, Luke the Evangelist who was martyred in Thebes, St. Andrew preached the gospel in here and suffered martyrdom in Patras, Titus preached the gospel in Crete and St John exiled on the island of Patmos where he received the Revelation recorded in the last book of the New Testament.

Honeymoon and Romance

Greece is fantastic honeymoon destination with romantic islands and hotels. Perfect destination for outdoor weddings, beach weddings, Church weddings & other religious weddings are all available. Imagine watching the beautiful sunset in Santorini while enjoy your privacy.

Greek Food and Wine

Greek Food? Just Amazing! Sea-food, olive oil, meze, gyros, Greek salad, feta cheese, kalamata olives, bread, tsadziki, saganaki, spanakopita, mousaka, dolmades, souvlaki, Greek Ouzo, Greek yogurt and honey… You can be vegeterian or non-vegeterian, it does not matter, you will fell in love with Greek cuisine.

Location and Transportation

Greece is settled in the center of Ancient World where Europe, Asia and Africa meet. You can easily find direct flights from many main airports plus extend your trip to visit surrounding countries such as Turkey, Egypt, and Italy to enjoy wonders of World history and culture.

Affordable Holiday

Greece is incredibly affordable with alternative transportations, hotels and tours. Unlike the other European destinations Greece offer many options for all budgets. Due to last few difficult years in economy, Greek hotels and operators offer amazing deals to tourists to increase demand. If you are ready to travel Greece then click here to plan your trip together with our Greece travel specialists or choose one of our travel packages for your trip to Greece.
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Greek Cuisine for Vegetarians
Mainland Greece and its surrounding islands are a sunny destination for thousands of visitors every year. They go for the sandy beaches, historical sights and some intriguing but sometimes amusing cultural influences. Of course, part of any holiday is the cuisine and Greece has a typical Mediterranean diet that is healthy and full of beneficial ingredients such as fresh cheese and green olives. Although meat is a staple part of the diet, vegetarians need not worry because there are plenty of menu choices to select. Visitors have been previously been to Turkey will find a lot of similarities in the dishes.

Five Greek Starter Dishes for Vegetarians

Appetizers are big business in Greece. They are either served as the beginning to a three course meal or as a light snack. Suggestions for vegetarians to try include… • Tiganta is deep fried vegetables, normally peppers or mushrooms • A side dish of Greek salad appears on most starter menus. This is simple tomato, cucumber, onion, and feta cheese sprinkled with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. • Horta is steamed green beans covered with a light sprinkling of olive oil • Lackanosalata is very finely shredded cabbage and carrot sprinkled with vinegar. • Fakes is a simple lentil soup, delicious with fresh baked bread.

Five Main Greek Dishes for Vegetarians

• Fasolakia is a mixture of stewed green beans, potatoes, and zucchini mixed with a homemade tomato sauce filled with herbs. This dish is ideal when accompanied by a glass of dry white wine. • You can never go wrong with Gemista, stuffed tomatoes or peppers filled with rice. Be sure to check with the waiter that no meat is included. • Strapatsada is food to order if you are in a rush or not particularly hungry. It is scrambled eggs, feta cheese and tomato puree. • Arakas me anginares is peas and artichokes baked in the oven. They can also be accompanied with a side serving of potatoes if requested. This is one of the more popular Greek vegetarian dishes. • Briam is a delicious meat free ratatouille of vegetables currently in season. They are then layered over sliced potatoes and covered with herbs and spices, before being baked in the oven

Further Reading

You can taste all of these delicious foods and more while on one of our tours of Greece. Along with food, we also introduce you to the wine culture, traditions, and history of this magnificent country, steeped in tales of the gods and mythology.

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